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Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm done trying to look ahead.PERIOD.

I met a guy today who supposedly reads tarot cards and palms. He read mine. He said:I would have 3 kids, It will take 5 men to get to "the one" (I'm 3 down) one more heartbreak to go and I'll finally meet him. I will always have to work for everything I have. He also said I will always be the bread winner, and that I need to stop trying to do things for men, but allow them to do things for me.


I don't know what my future holds, but I do know I should never take short-cuts. Short cuts in trying to make money, obtaining love, career, a home. I realized that because I lost an opportunity to make some profits recently because I tried to take a short cut, well if you knew all the details of my last relationship it spells out NO SHORT CUTS, and as cliche as it is Life is a lot about the journey not the destination. So, if I took more short cuts, then I would lose A LOT of Life.

I lose patience often, like yesterday with my son. He kept crying and crying and I didn't know why he was crying and being so fussy....I sternly got really angry with him which didn't help the situation and then I felt even more horrible. I tried to take a short cut with my son's emotions, it didn't work.

I think my life path is a slow and steady pace....not a short cut journey for me. My friend the other day said why can't periods be one hour?! Why can't we sit on the toilet for one hour and bleed it all out and be done with it?!

Because, that my friend would be a SHORT-CUT.

If periods lasted for an hour maybe we wouldn't have the cravings, the bitchiness, the emotional roller coasters that make us Women! More importantly we wouldn't have our Periods to blame for the bitchiness, the cravings, the emotional roller coasters.

So, maybe it's good that our periods don't last for an hour it gives us a short-cut to explain why we are women! especially when we are bitchy.

These are my craving, bitchy, emotional, LOVELY girlfriends that I have missed. I ADORE THEM

No Short-Cuts to Marriage, either


  1. i absolutely loved this blog! and i love you! :)

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  3. I read this today-

    "We don't need to rush. If something is bound to happen, it will happen. in the right time, with the right person and for the best reason."