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Thursday, July 7, 2011

things will be ok

My Car stopped working, I hope I didn't permanently break it. It's my own stupidity. I am reading my car manual from now on, I have to learn to be more of aware of car maintenance, my dad used to do that for. Whenever I spoke to my dad it was mostly about car stuff. I miss him.

I am trying to have a better attitude (even though it feels like things have not been going smoothly) about obstacles. Right now it feels like when something in my life is going good, something has to go wrong. I do remember a time in my life when everything was good! Maybe, the feng shui or good and bad in life is just part of growing up...or being an adult bleh!

Things could be worst, I could be really unhealthy, my car could have blown I'll be grateful for my problems. But, if there is a God.... I hope you could just give me some kind of sign that no matter how tough things seem to be, things will be ok: that i'll be able to take care of my son and I by providing us what we need and that we are both healthy........that's all.

Oh, and Thank you to the four strangers that stopped to help me : )