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Monday, February 4, 2013

my blog

My blog, I miss it. Writing is my outlet, I have not done it in here in a long time....because every time I typed something everything seemed inadequate. However, as a subsitute for a blog I had my handy dandy little note book to write down my random thoughts in which only I could see. I am writing in here today because as I was pondering what the hell am I going to do with my life....I could only think of writing as my most desired and passionate activity. I scrolled down a college catalog with all the degrees and certificates the school offered hoping that a subject would jump out at me....or rather pick me....and there! that would be the direction I would go in! That would be my calling. My eyes danced around the idea of Physical or Occupational assistant. I am just feeling the need to choose a concrete path right now, something solid & consistent. I've been living spontaneously and with uncertainty for awhile and my 30 year old self is pressuring me to finally start living with intention & boldness and most of all here I am writing.

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